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Basden-Johnson Spiritual Gift Analysis

The Bible teaches that every believer has been endowed with a certain measure of Spiritual Gifting (1 Corinthians 12:7). Spiritual gifts are not just natural talents, but instead they are granted to followers of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and are to be used to benefit the body of Christ. Every believer has at least one spiritual gift, and many have multiple gifts. This test is designed to help you identify and put into practice your God-given gift-set. Be sure to answer the questions as honestly as you can to get the most accurate results.

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Question Response
1. My greatest joy is to announce the Word of God boldly to a specific situation.

2. Performing practical duties in order to free other believers for their ministries gives me great satisfaction.

3. People tend to comprehend difficult biblical passages when I explain them.

4. I look forward to counseling others and helping them deal with their problems.

5. When I hear about a financial need in the Lord's work, I am ready to give generously to meet that need.

6. Whenever I am in a group of Christians, the other group members look to me to lead.

7. I feel an intense desire to relieve the sufferings of those who are undeserving.

8. I am accurate at predicting who will function best in a given ministry situation.

9. When I study the Bible seriously, its deep truths seem to come alive to me.

10. Other believers tell me that I have an unusual ability to trust God in difficult situations.

11. Distinguishing spiritual truth from error comes easily for me.

12. I have a deep personal desire to go and share the gospel with people of other cultures.

13. I like applying studies on goal-setting and strategic planning to Christian ministry.

14. I am effective in leading non-Christians to make a personal decision to follow Christ.

15. Nurturing a small group in Christian discipleship is a responsibility I would enjoy.

16. I feel strongly about using my home as an extension of my church's ministry.

17. People call on me to pray for their needs because they say that I am a "prayer warrior."

18. I enjoy using my musical abilities to lead others to worship God.

19. I feel a keen sense of responsibility to proclaim God's Word to people.

20. I would rather help people out behind the scenes than minister in a more public way.

21. I enjoy studying the Bible in order to share its truths with others.

22. I have a strong desire to encourage and comfort people struggling with spiritual and emotional difficulties.

23. When I learn of an evangelistic or missions opportunity, I get excited about giving generously for the project.

24. I am able to persuade other people to assist me in Christian work.

25. I find great fulfillment in ministering to the needs of people who are in deep distress.

26. When I face problems in life, I can easily discern the right biblical solutions.

27. I enjoy uncovering key biblical principles and organizing them into a consistent framework.

28. I am able to see God's purpose in trying circumstances, even when others seemingly cannot do so.

29. I seem to be able to determine whether a speaker's message is inspired from God or not.

30. I am willing to move into and adapt to a different culture in order to spread the gospel worldwide.

31. People tell me that I am effective at organizing and implementing Christian ministries or church programs.

32. I enjoy telling unbelievers about Christ's love for them.

33. My greatest joy comes from investing my life in the spiritual growth of a group of Christians.

34. I love to open my home to individuals or groups in order to minister to them.

35. I am able to pray for an extended period of time without undue distraction or fatigue.

36. People tell me that they were drawn closer to God through my musical expression.

37. I sense God's call to warn people of the inevitability of divine judgment upon sin.

38. I believe that my ministry is to meet the practical and physical needs within the church.

39. I am able to explain the meaning of various portions of the Bible to a group of believers.

40. Those who have sought my counsel and advice tell me I have helped them to find solutions for their problems.

41. I am eager to serve the Lord by giving sacrificially of my financial means to support Christian ministries.

42. I enjoy challenging Christians to achieve worthy goals for the Kingdom of God.

43. When I hear about persons who are lonely or neglected by society, I want to support and care for them.

44. I have the ability to find useful answers from Scripture for people's problems.

45. It is easy for me to see how various scriptural themes fit into the overall truth of God's Word.

46. My strong faith inspires others to put their trust in God more.

47. I am able to recognize evil even when it is presented as good.

48. Starting new churches with people of another culture really excites me.

49. I enjoy appraising the effectiveness and efficiency of various ministries in our church.

50. I have a deep desire to share my faith with people who do not know Jesus Christ.

51. I am deeply interested in the spiritual development of those believers whom God has entrusted to me.

52. I enjoy preparing food so that I can provide meals for visitors in my home.

53. Praying for an hour or more at a time comes easily for me.

54. I am able to communicate God's love effectively through music.

55. People tell me that my preaching is inspiring and convicting.

56. Church responsibilities in which I feel most comfortable include helping out in the church office, chair setup, etc.

57. I prefer teaching the Bible to most other forms of Christian service.

58. People freely call on me for counsel when they are discouraged or confused.

59. I feel compelled to give far more than a tithe of my income to further the kingdom of God.

60. My natural tendency when I see an unstructured situation in the church is to jump in and take the lead.

61. I like to offer hope and service to people in hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons.

62. In a group setting in the church, my opinions are given special regard by others.

63. Serious and disciplined study of the Bible is important to me.

64. When the faith of others fails, I continue to trust God for what seems to be impossible.

65. Others tell me that I have accurately warned them about the dangers of a supposedly Christian teaching.

66. God's call to witness in another culture is so strong in my life that I am willing to give up many comforts.

67. I am effective at organizing persons and resources to meet the goals which the group has adopted.

68. I have a constant desire to witness to other people about Christ.

69. I enjoy helping Christians grow spiritually by leading them to understand key biblical truths.

70. I look forward to entertaining in my home guest speakers who are visiting my church.

71. When I pray for the specific needs of others, God regularly meets those needs.

72. I like to express my love for God by sharing my musical abilities with others.

73. I am willing to preach against sin and evil, even though I might be criticized and ridiculed.

74. I enjoy glorifying God by doing routine jobs in the church.

75. To me, the Bible-teaching ministry is more crucial to a church's spiritual welfare than almost any ministry.

76. I enjoy challenging people one-on-one to become all that God wants them to be.

77. I believe that Christians should give far above a tithe of their income for the work of the Lord.

78. I have a strong conviction regarding God's purpose and direction for a specific group of believers.

79. I have a deep concern to meet the needs of those who are experiencing crisis and pain in their lives.

80. When differing opinions bring Christians to a stalemate, I tend to be the one who finds a workable solution.

81. I find joy in researching facts and details related to biblical truth.

82. I faithfully claim God's promises, even in the midst of severe trials.

83. I feel a keen responsibility to keep false teaching out of the church.

84. I am ready to learn a different language so I can share Christ with people who speak that language.

85. I am able to devise effective plans to help a group of Christians meet specific objectives.

86. I like to befriend unbelievers so that I can lead them to faith in Jesus Christ.

87. I am eager to meet regularly with a group of new Christians in order to help them grow in their faith.

88. I am ready to welcome people into my home even if it is not as clean and presentable as I want it to be.

89. I enjoy praying for another's request until the answer is clear, no matter how long it takes.

90. God has used my musical expression to inspire others to develop a stronger faith in Him.

91. I preach God's Word powerfully and forcefully.

92. I am grateful for opportunities to help in Christian ministries by working in the background.

93. I effectively communicate the important words and themes of Scripture.

94. People who are searching for God's will and direction for their lives seek my guidance.

95. I am especially sensitive to the financial demands required to support the growth of God's kingdom.

96. I am effective at guiding a group of believers to determine broad objectives to accomplish God's will.

97. When others suffer undue anguish, I am quick to console and assist them.

98. People tell me that I have a remarkable insight into the practicality of the Bible for life.

99. I would like to write down for the benefit of others the insights which I have discovered in the Bible.

100. I am convinced that God will accomplish His purpose, even when the situation seems hopeless.

101. I have an uncanny ability to sense whether or not a supposedly Christian teaching / movement is true to God.

102. Learning a new language and moving to a new culture to witness for Christ interests and intrigues me.

103. I like the responsibility of coordinating the abilities of individuals who are working together at common tasks.

104. I want to participate in what I believe to be the church's most significant responsibility --- winning the lost.

105. I want to protect weak or immature Christians from influences which would hinder their spiritual growth.

106. I derive great satisfaction from using my home as an opportunity for Christians to share in fellowship.

107. I would rather spend my time praying for the needs of people than performing other ministries.

108. When I use my musical abilities to lead in worship, people tell me that I enrich their worship experience.

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